There are many flashcard/vocabulary building apps in the app store, but I find many of them to be overloaded with features and too complex to navigate.

I wanted to design an app that is visually clean, simple to use, and that would have a fresh perspective on what a vocabulary building app could be.

(This is a self-directed project with the goal to create a great language learning tool, and work on my UI/UX skills along the way)


Part 1. Research and Definition

I started with writing down the list of possible features that the app can have:

  • list of words
  • word translations and descriptions
  • pronunciation transcripts
  • manual input of new entries
  • upload word lists via email
  • notifications
  • share word lists
  • study mode
  • quiz mode
  • scheduled study sessions
  • word search
  • imagery associations
  • color-coded words
  • tag classifications
  • filtering words by tag, deck number, mode, etc.
  • and more!

Then I conducted user research, and outlined the users' goals:

  • learning, not memorizing
  • consume information efficiently, during short breaks
  • mix of newly added and previously reviewed words
  • being able to recall newly learnt material on the go

My goals for the app as a product designer:

  • simple to use
  • visually minimal
  • redefine a niche app (unique idea: flash cards meets lists)

Part 2. Design

Application map

Early sketches

Latest design